Safety when vaping CBD

Sicherheit beim Vapen von CBD

With every product you use you want to make sure that it is safe. That is true whether it is taken orally (through the stomach) or inhaled (through the lungs) by the body.

CBD can also be ingested in several ways. You can take it in as oil, edibles (e.g. gummy bears) or - as with CANYA FX - by diffusing it.

What is in the CANYA CBD pods?

The CANYA CBD pods have a capacity of 1.8ml. Each pod has the following ingredients:

  • CBD in different concentrations (as indicated on the packaging)
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerine (VG)
  • Flavorings (CANYA offers pods with 4 different flavors, including terpenes)

The pods contain PG and VG at a balanced ratio. CBD concentrations range from 3-10%. Terpenes are added at 1-3% for some flavors. Finally, the pods also contain flavorings, which have a proportion of 5-10%.

What are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine?

Vegetable glycerine, also known as glycerin or glycerol, is a clear liquid typically derived from soy, coconut or palm oil.

It is odorless and has a mild, sweet taste with a syrupy consistency.

Vegetable glycerine is particularly popular in the cosmetics industry but has several other uses. It can also offer health benefits ranging from skin health to better hydration and a strengthened intestine.

Propylene glycol is a substance commonly used as a food additive or ingredient in many cosmetic and hygiene products.

It has been declared generally safe for use in foods by the US and European food authorities.

Both PG and VG are recognized as safe and have a long history of use. At CANYA we use pharmaceutical grade PG and VG. Both components have a purity level of at least 99% and do not contain any residues that could have a negative effect on human health, in accordance with European pharmaceutical guidelines.

CBD isolate is classified as safe by the WHO

CBD isolate is generally considered safe and non-addictive by the World Health Organization (WHO). At CANYA, we use a strict quality control system to ensure the quality and integrity of each batch of CBD isolate used in manufacturing. The test results of each batch can be viewed on our website.

For the flavors, we use the purest ingredients from the best flavor manufacturers in Europe. We always carefully check the safety documentation for the flavorings to ensure that they are only used in quantities that, according to current knowledge, do not pose a risk to the health of the users.

Our terpene-based flavorings are carefully produced internally from certified, isolated, food-grade flavor raw materials that are included in the EU list of flavoring substances according to EU Regulation 872/2012. The raw materials we use are only sourced from reputable flavoring suppliers within the EU. Each finished flavoring formulation is sent to an independent laboratory, which prepares a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the mixture. This MSDS lists all hazards and precautions and contains detailed information about all ingredients in the blend.